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Acrisure donates $15M for Innovation Center at Helen DeVos

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital receives $15 million from Acrisure LLC for Virtual Health and Genomics

The growth and development of digital technology have changed our lives in many different ways and it continues to do so. In today’s society, technology and innovation have a great impact on every industry. But among all of the existing industries, technology plays a crucial role in healthcare.

In this aspect, hospitals, as one of the most important structures in the delivery of healthcare services, have a major role to play in the quality of the health care system.

However, these hospitals are always faced with a lack of funding. As the cost of health insurance is rising globally, financing for a cohesive health care system is one of the main concerns of most policymakers in all countries with different levels of income.

Thankfully, a new research center at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital will be built after receiving a $15 million gift from an insurance brokerage firm Acrisure LLC.

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, named after Helen DeVos, wife of Amway founder Richard DeVos, a major donor –is a pediatric hospital and regional referral center. It is Michigan’s largest neonatal center.

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Spectrum Health Helen Devos Children’s Hospital (Credits: rosefloristvacaville.com)

Spectrum Health announced Thursday, that Acrisure LLC has donated funds worth $15 million to help the establishment of the Acrisure Center for Innovation in downtown Grand Rapids.

“The support, not only the dollars but the support of the volunteers from Acrisure, the engagement by the employees and the community around this, it really brings it all together because it does take all of us to improve health care,” Spectrum Health President and CEO Tina Freese Decker stated.

According to Spectrum Health, the concept behind the program is to engage in services that will improve children’s health outcomes. Hospitals officials said that the investment that was acquired from Acrisure LLC will be used to develop a virtual center to enhance services and programs through the collaboration of nurses, doctors, and medical scientists.

The research center will be concentrating on the hospitals already-established genomics and virtual health-related to pediatrics program. Full details were still on the process of being designed, but the funds could also be used towards clinical care, and advanced or research technology.

“We’re thrilled to accelerate our focus in the areas of genomics, precision medicine and other innovative advancements in care for children,” Freese Decker added.

Acrisure LLC, a global insurance brokerage firm, is a local organization that is currently moving its headquarters from Caledonia to downtown Grand Rapids. It has more than 561 locations across 39 states and 16 worldwide locations.

“We are grateful to the leadership and employees at Acrisure for this generous commitment to improving children’s health,” said Decker.“What an incredible commitment that supports our passion for kids. We’re thrilled to accelerate our focus in the areas of genomics, precision medicine and other innovative advancements in care for children. This remarkable pledge from a West Michigan-based company exemplifies the type of partnerships that help us make it possible to improve health, inspire hope and save lives.”

The hospital and the insurance broker do not have an exact launch date yet, but the center is hoping to start as soon as possible.