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Datasaur raises $1M in Seed Funding Round

Datasaur, an Indonesia-based AI company, announced that it had accumulated $1 million in seed funding from angel investors.

Datasaur creates the most intelligent, efficient and productive tools for all your data. Datasaur reported that they have raised a total of $1 million in a seed funding round from angel investors like Calvin French-Owen, co-founder and CTO of Segment.

Datasaur was founded on the assumption that building the right tools can further the adaptation and democratization of artificial intelligence. According to Datasaur, companies both large and small have re-invented the wheel in building their own ad hoc data labeling tools.

As a creator of the best tools for data needs, the company strives to combine all the industry’s best practices and create a machine learning platform so their clients can focus on doing what they do best.

“As a PM, I came to appreciate Ai was, but I also recognized that I was constantly trying to get more labeled data for my Engineers,” told Ivan Lee, Founder and CEO of Datasaur, in an interview with VentureBeat. Lee spent his seven years as a product manager on AI ventures.

“It was this insatiable appetite. We were spending millions of dollars gathering this data, but it was a tedious job, it was an efficient process, and I saw a lot of these companies reinventing the wheel when it came to how they should set up their labeling process,” Lee added.

The new capital is said to be used to strengthen the platform capabilities, lessen the bias in text-labeling, and boost data privacy and security. It will also be used in the planned launch of the Datasaur NLP platform.

Lee believes that all companies, in any industry, are eager for insights from text data and will find tools essential in data-labeling. “We’re in a lot of companies [that] need to set up their own labeling processes, and so we want to help bring them the same efficiencies that any of these other services have been able to build”, added Lee.

Datasaur has currently teams in California and Indonesia.