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GitGuardian Cybersecurity raises $12 Million

The European-based cybersecurity startup GitGuardian has raised a total of $12 million in its Series A Funding round led by Balderton Capital.

GitGuardian is a cybersecurity startup embarked on a mission to take credentials out of source code. It detects secrets in source code, public and private. It specializes in cybersecurity, data loss prevention, and API Cloud Integrations.

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The cybersecurity startup reported a $12 million new funds from its Series A funding round led by Balderton Capital – Europe’s early venture-stage venture capital investor focusing exclusively on European founded technology companies.

GitGuardian’s mission is to build modern, efficient, dev-friendly tools to protect secrets by developers, infrastructure and applications. With the high cases of breaches, GitGuardian is building a product suite to solve the issue.

Solomon Hykes, founder of Docker said, “Securing systems with securing your software development process. GitGuardian understands this, and they have built a pragmatic solution to an acute security problem. Their credentials monitoring system is a must-have for any serious organizations.”

GitGuardian’s real-time monitoring platforms help enterprise teams manage data leaks to prevent breaches that could cause millions of dollars in potential damages. The company’s system detects thousands of credential leaks per day.

Jeremy Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of GitGuardian said, “Through our detection and alerting services, GitGuardian has already supported global government organizations, more than 100 Fortune 500 companies and 400,000 individual developers to date. Currently, every company with software development activities is concerned about secrets spreading within the organization, and in the worst case, to the public space. As a company with so much sensitive information at hand, we have built a culture of unconditional secrecy at our core.”

GitGuardian is the first and only Data Loss Prevention solution to scan GitHub public activity in real-time for API secret tokens, passwords, database connection strings, etc.

GitGuardian’s technology works by connecting developers registered on Github with their companies and scanning the content of over 2.5 million commits per day to search for any signs of company secrets.

“The modern software development process is remarkable in its ability to allow large, distributed teams to deliver complex systems quickly. However, the very connectivity and openness this depends on has left many companies unwittingly exposed. Rather than encumber technology organizations with limiting compliance procedures, GitGuardian allows the modern enterprise to develop code quickly and how it wants to, but with automated visibility and protection over how data, credentials and other sensitive information is used, moved and shared. We are delighted to be joining Jeremy and Eric on their mission to code faster and more safely,” said Suranga Chandratillake, Partner at Balderton Capital.

According to the company, it plans to use the new funds to expand its customer base, mainly in the U.S.

Fly Ventures, co-founder of GitHub Scott Chacon, and Solomon Hykes, founder of Docker also participated in the said round.