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Halodoc raised a new funding from Bill Gates and two more investors

Halodoc, an Indonesian-based online health consultation platform raised a new series B+ round funding from the support of its investors; the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationAllianz X, and Prudential.

Halodoc was built due to the gaps in the local health industry that let patients connect with doctors online leaving the hassle behind. “The gaps include inconvenience and a lack of information regarding health. Halodoc was created with the objective of simplifying access to healthcare,” Chief Executive officer Jonathan Sudharta previously said.

The fresh startup founded in 2016 currently serves seven million patients monthly and has more than 20,000 registered doctors. It also transports medicine to over 1,300 pharmacies. Sudharta got the Gates Foundation’s interest. “Someone is going to solve patient-centric, 21st century, primary health care and we think that Halodoc has a huge potential to do that,” London-based founding partner of the Gates Foundation’s Strategic Investment Fund, David Rossow said, believing that the concept is something that they really have to pursue previously.

Halodoc announced its Series B+ funding among three major investors Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Allianz X, and Prudential. A specific amount is not disclosed yet. On the other hand, Halodoc raised over $100 million in total including its previous raised funds.

“Halodoc aims to learn from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s long-established track record of working with partners to deliver best practice in healthcare solutions and improve quality of life around the world,” Sudharta.

The raised fund is intended to improve the company’s quality of service. This is to promote more services for people who use the platform.