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Healthcare startup Med247 receive seed funding from KK Fund

The venture capital fund KK Fund invests in the Vietnamese healthcare service startup Med247.

Med247 is an offline-to-online (O2O) healthcare startup. It is a platform where customers can book an appointment and consult online with Pro doctors. It is a family of clinics for families. Med247 was founded by Tuan Truong, Bobby Liu and Dr. Phong aiming to enhance healthcare services in Vietnam.

The healthcare startup secures an undisclosed investment from KK Fund – a venture capital fund investing in seed stage internet and mobile startups across South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

According to Med247’s CEO Tuan Truong, they plan on using the funding to launch a physical clinic and to expand the platform to be more accessible to users. Truong said to open up 10 more clinics in places including Danang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City over the next two years.

“The medical practice in Vietnam follows the traditional model where it’s doctor and hospital-centric. We want to re-imagine healthcare whereby it becomes patient-centric, empowering our patients to understand their health status, and the ease to receive healthcare delivery in a timely and efficient manner,” Truong said.

Vietnam is one of the regions where people have little access to public healthcare. According to World Bank Data, the region has only 72 doctors per 100,000 citizens.

Koichi Saito, founding partner of KK Fund said, “Med247 is one of the very few pre-launched startups KK Fund has invested in. Starting as an onsite business first and then onboard patients online make a lot of sense and is much more effective in this particular industry. We are now proving this hypothesis.”

“The founder also got a doctor network and a following of more than 16,000 young parents that will greatly contribute to the growth of Med247,” Saito added.

Med247 also plans to improve the technology in healthcare services for more connections in other healthcare services in the future.

“Having an experienced doctor as a co-founder, we are able to build the SOP, or Standard Operating Procedures, that put us ahead of the game and enhance our ability to scale. We focus on both online to offline and offline to online conversions at the early stages in order to create a seamless experience for our customers,” Truong said in addition.

Med247 has an app accessible for patients. The app allows users to set appointments, simplify online consultation, medical records and lab results access.

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