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L1ght raises US$15M seed funding to Fight Cyberbullying

L1ght secures US$15M seed funding in advocacy to protect children against Cyberbullying and Online Toxicity

Israeli Fintech startup L1ght, formerly AntiToxin Technologies Inc. –a technology startup that solves online toxicity – shaming, bullying, harassment, hate speech, and predatory behavior has secured US$15 million in seed funding

The seed funding was co-led by Mangrove Capital Partners and Tribeca Venture Partners, with participation from Western Technology Investment.

The fresh capital will be used to fuel L1ght’s R&D (Research and Development) and to reinforce its platform to achieve market demand for an innovative solution that meticulously identifies toxic and abusive online material in real-time.

Cyberbullying has become a core concern for educators and parents globally. In a report by the Cyberbullying Research Center, 37 percent of middle school and high school students between the ages of 12 and 17 have experienced being bullied online, resulting in negative psychological effects, suicidal behaviors, and committing self-harm.

Founded in 2018, L1ght has developed an “anti-toxicity” software for social media platforms, messaging app providers, and gaming platforms to alleviate the ideals of cyberbullying and the procreation of damaging content by utilizing AI to determine and anticipate such activities.

Once harmful contents were flagged, users can immediately take action contra content and users to avoid them from inducing further harm.

“Our main priority has always been to keep kids safe and this investment is further proof that our technology can accomplish that,” Zohar Levkovitz, co-founder and CEO at L1ight, said.

CEO Levkovitz has shared his personal motivation for the platform to succeed. As a parent, Levkovitz has expressed his belief in taking action against cyberbullying and online toxicity.

In a statement, CEO Levkovitz explained the dangers of social media platforms that could harm children and there isn’t much action that was taken to address such problems.

He claimed that the firm’s main priority is to keep kids safe, the existence of L1ght’s platform could help minimize, if not eradicate, instances of cyberbullying. Investors are convinced of the importance of the company’s mission.

“This investment is further proof that our technology can accomplish that (anti-toxicity and cyberbullying). I’m honored and grateful to have our mission at L1ght validated through this seed round from true industry titans,” said Levkovitz.

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Zohar Levkovitz, Co-founder and CEO, L1ght (Credits: financemagnates.com)

Because it’s based on AI, L1ght’s software can learn over time and get better at identifying whether certain behavior or content is malicious. The ability to place keywords in the context of a conversation or online interaction is a central part of making the firm’s AI more dedicated and sophisticated.

“We conducted research and found that the benefits of the internet, unfortunately, come with an increasing amount of toxicity against children. This toxicity is expensive for us as a society. We looked into this space for quite some time and were highly impressed by L1ght’s vision and founding members,“ Roy Saar, Partner at Mangrove said in a statement.

According to Tribeca Venture managing partner Chip Meakem, Tribeca Venture Partners is thrilled to join the L1ght team on its incredibly important mission – protecting children online.

“After working with Zohar and his team for quite some time we are confident L1ght is uniquely positioned to help solve this massive societal problem. Now, the real work begins, which is to distribute L1ght’s proprietary algorithms to major online platforms and providers across the globe,” Meakem added.