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Mitsubishi invests in Gojek for its series F round

Mitsubishi extends an investment into Gojek as part of the Indonesian unicorn’s ongoing series F round.

Gojek is a motorcycle ride-hailing phone service in Indonesia that was founded in 2010 and will celebrate a decade in service in 2020. It promises to work harder to improve the company’s running legacy and services, to provide ease of use.

Mitsubishi Corporation is an investor of Gojek, it participated in the first phase of its Series F round led by Google, and Tencent that made roughly around US$1 billion when it became a big talk in February, it was then closed on Feb 1.

The proceeds of the investment will allow Mitsubishi to benefit from Gojek’s expertise to foster further growth in the said region.

“Bringing Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Corporation’s long and strong presence and brand power in South-east Asia, as well as Gojek’s diversified and unique business potential together, we foresee the creation of large synergies and innovation that will boost the growth of the three parties,” Osamu Masuko, Mitsubishi Motors Corp chairman stated.

“These partnerships and commitments enable us to continue growing our products and services to reach more people and create greater value in the region,” Gojek group president, Andre Soelistyo said.

Takahiro Yanai, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance president and CEO said the company will explore new business models focused on digitized mobility services, that will extend the use of the reinforcement of its partnership with Gojek.

The ongoing series F round continuously being backed by big companies such as Google, Tencent,, and Asta.