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Nunaps secured $4.2 Million in Series A Round

The South Korean digital therapeutics startup Nunaps raised a total of 5 billion won or a $4.2 million in its recently held Series A funding.

Nunaps is a digital therapeutics startup company based in Seoul, South Korea, with a mission of giving hope and provide new value to those suffering from brain diseases.

The therapeutics company raised a massive 5 billion won or a $4.2 million in its Series A funding round. Company K Partners, KTB Network, and K2 Investments Partners were said to have participated in the round.

According to the company, collected funds will be used to develop pipelines for a different type of brain disorders as the company aims to become one of the country’s top therapeutics company in the coming years.

Nunaps was founded by Dong-Wha Kang, a Professor of Neurology and Head of R&D Group at Asan Medical Center in 2017. Professor Kang said that he decided to develop the business for patients who suffer visual defects.

“They have had no effective treatment until now. In our efforts to treat patients with unmet needs, we naturally came up with digital,” Prof. Kang said.

Nunaps recently introduced Nunap Vision, a software for VR devices that combines the theory of blindness that certain visual stimuli are transmitted to the unconscious areas of the brain even with vision impairments, and the principle that the brain’s connectivity in the visual pathway can be changed trough repeated visual perception training.

Nunap Vision featured image
Nunaps Vision featured image

“We will develop super-customized digital therapeutics so that patients may directly experience our products and be empowered to engage in our development,” added Prof. Kang.

Nunap Vision was said to be the first digital therapeutics trial approved by MFDS in South Korea.

“Nunaps is Korea’s first digital therapeutics company and has great potential to become a global top-tier setting up clinical trials for new digital therapeutics that employs AI technologies to address neurological disorders, sad Kang-Soo Lee, Chief Information Officer of Company K Partners.

Nunaps is now one of the rising South Korean biotech and therapeutics companies.