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Signet Properties launches Flint, together with SeedIn and RE/MAX

Signet Properties is bringing safer and more convenient real estate digital platform through its recently launched platform Flint.

Signet Properties is a lead generating advertising firm for the real estate industry founded in 2018. It aims to provide services that directly connects property buyers with property sellers. The company’s vision is to build the best platform for real estate property sellers and to be the household website when looking for a property.

With the company’s mission of providing superior advertising services through connecting the gap between buyers and sellers of real estate properties, Signet Properties recently launch its new real state platform, Flint, partnering with SeedIn and RE/MAX Premier Manila.

Edison Tsai, Amos Chen, Andre Mercado, Glennis Nitafan featured image
Edison Tsai (Partner and Executive Director, SeedIn), Amos Chen (Managing Director, SeedIn Technology Taiwan), Andre Mercado (Founder, Signet Properties), Glennis Nitafan (CEO, RE/MAX Premier)

Flint was said to be the first tech-enabled, low-cost real estate crowdfunding platform in the Philippines.

“We are most excited about this latest innovation because it will finally provide opportunities for anyone who is hesitant or is overwhelmed with the process of investing in the Philippines properties”, said Andre Mercado, Chief Executive Officer of Signet Properties.

The newly launched platform, Flint, is powered by SeedIn, South East Asia’s largest Business Financing Platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing connect with individuals and businesses seeking short-term investments.

Edison Tsai, SeedIn Partner ad Executive Director said, “Through our strategic partnership with Signet Properties and RE/MAX Premier Manila, we are empowering investors by strengthening services offered in Flint for the investment and real estate needs of Filipinos, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and foreign investors, by ensuring the investments are safe, high-yield property projects that go through rigorous due diligence processes, all under a digital crowdfunding platform where Flint investors can participate and invest in its property safely and conveniently.”

Flint guarantees, sure and safe return on investment (ROI) at lower capital investment. It also provides account security and a user-friendly interface. And being accessible online, it made investing much easier.