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Zenius raised a total of $20 million Series A funding round

Edtech platform Zenius raised a Series A Funding round amounting to $20 million with Rohan Monga injecting as new Chief Executive.

Zenius is an Indonesia-based platform that provides a great learning experience to Indonesian students by emphasizing critical thinking and scientific knowledge as a natural part of their everyday lives.

The edtech startup was reportedly has raised US$20 million or IDR283 billion from Northstar Group, a Singapore headquartered private equity firm managing more than US$2.0 billion in committed equity capital dedicated to investing in growth companies in Indonesia and to a lesser extent, other countries in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, Zenius also confirmed the appointment of Rohan Monga, Gojek’s ex-COO, as the company’s new Chief Executive. Following Monga’s appointment as new Chief Executive, Founder and former Chief Executive Sabda PS will now be the Chief Education Officer.

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Zenius CEO Rohan Monga (left) and chief education officer Sabda PS (credit: Zenius)

“Monga’s appointment was based on hos extensive experience and problem-solving ability – and also his success in making Gojek the first decacorn company in Indonesia,” said Sabda. Sabda remains silent on the said raised of fund.

According to Monga, the funding comes in times as the company plans to do a marketing revamp, a content refresh, talent hiring, and overall technology improvement. The company plans to open a new office in India for better user experience.

“We are now targeting a younger demographic. To attract them, Zenius will create new formats to deliver content while maintaining their current identity. The platform awareness is still low,” Monga added.

As stated by the Central Statistical Agency, Indonesia has a total of more than 45 million students in elementary to high school in the country in 2018. Demonstrating a huge market potential for edtech startups.

Commenting on behalf of Northstar Group is Patrick Walujo, co-founder and managing partner of the company.  Walujo said, “We believe that with their combination of technology, strong talent, and sustainable social impact mission, Zenius would be able to make its mark on the education sector in Indonesia.”