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Amazon Launches Neighborhood Health Clinics for Warehouse Workers

Tuesday, July 15, Amazon has launched neighborhood health clinics for warehouse workers and their families in a handful of cities.

The Neighborhood Health Center Pilot Program with Crossover Health to establish local, convenient health centers near Amazon fulfillment centers and operations facilities across the country.

The first clinics, which are rolling out as a pilot program, will be located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Phoenix, Louisville, Detroit, and San Bernardino, California.

The company expects to open 20 health centers across those five cities and, if the pilot is successful, it will establish additional centers in other cities and states in 2021.

The first Neighborhood Health Center is available to employees and their families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, home to more than 20,000 Amazonians, including 11,000 operations employees.

Amazon’s Vice President of Human Resources, Darcie Henry, “The clinics are designed to provide a range of preventative care resources for warehouse workers, in the place of emergency or urgent care options, which are not only more expensive for patients but also limited in the types of care they can provide.”

“We want to solve that for our employees, and the launch of these new neighborhood health centers will provide a range of quality primary care services for employees across the country,” Henry added.

The clinics are launching at a crucial time, as coronavirus outbreaks continue to pop up across the country.

Scott Shreeve, MD, CEO and Co-founder of Crossover Health, “We are proud to collaborate with Amazon to support the health and wellness of Amazon’s employees. Crossover Health believes that exceptional primary care is central to continued health and well-being.”

“Now it’s more important than ever to make care available through multiple channels and across the full continuum. Our advanced primary care model will serve as a vital infrastructure to deliver expanded access to care in-person and online to meet the needs of Amazon’s employees and their families,” he added.

Crossover Health will fully operate and staff the Neighborhood Health Centers, which will provide full-spectrum acute, chronic, and preventive primary care, prescription medications, vaccinations, behavioral health services, physical therapy, chiropractic care, health coaching, and care navigation to specialty referral services.

According to Congress Michael C. Burgess, “Prevention and early detection are essential to remaining healthy, and the importance of primary care cannot be understated. I appreciate seeing the collaboration between Amazon and Crossover Health to ensure their employees have access to quality and convenient health care services. I am also pleased that this pilot program will run in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The health and wellness opportunities Amazon is providing its employees should spark inspiration for other companies to follow suit in providing similar benefits.”

The new Neighborhood Health Centers build on Amazon’s long-standing commitments to offer employees comprehensive and industry-leading benefits.