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Amazon Partners with AXS to Install Amazon One

Amazon announced it has acquired its initial third-party customer with ticketing company AXS, which will implement the Amazon One system in Denver.

In a press release, Tuesday, September 14, the collaboration brings the “first-ever palm-based ticketing platform” to live entertainment events, including at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver. AXS is positioning freestanding contactless ticketing stations that event-goers can use to identify themselves and confirm entry using their palms.

Dilip Kumar, Vice President of Physical Retail and Technology at Amazon, said in the release that the collaboration with AXS gives fans “more time to get settled and enjoy the show.”

This is the first time the Amazon One system will be used outside an Amazon-owned retail store, and the first time it’s used for entry into an entertainment venue. Amazon says it expects AXS to roll out the system to more venues in the future, but didn’t offer any specifics as to which ones or when.

“We are proud to work with Amazon to continue shaping the future of ticketing through cutting-edge innovation,” said Bryan Perez, CEO of AXS, in a statement. “We are also excited to bring Amazon One to our clients and the industry at a time when there is a need for fast, convenient, and contactless ticketing solutions. At AXS, we are continually deploying new technologies to develop secure and smarter ticketing offerings that improve the fan experience before, during, and after events,” he added.