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The Indonesian e-commerce platform is not just an online store anymore as it launches its first-ever brick-and-mortar retail store, “BliBliMart“.

Purchasing products is made easy with the evolution of e-commerce platforms. But for, building a physical store is still a must.

Indonesia has become a region who embraces modernization, and is one of its innovative e-commerce platforms. Founded in 2010, is the first online mall in Indonesia. As one of the pioneers of the online shopping mall, is committed to providing the experience of shopping online is safe, convenient, easy, fun, anywhere and anytime.

Acknowledging the challenges they are facing and could encounter, the e-commerce platform is dedicated to becoming the best customer-centric experience platform in Indonesia. With this dedication, the company decided to build its physical store, which was named “BliBliMart”.

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BliBliMart offers a cashless and cashier-less shopping system but said that it still has a storekeeper for customer’s purchase assistance and store security purposes. The company said that it aims to establish an offline presence in grocery stores in the Region.

“Sixty-six or shoppers are omnichannel shoppers, shoppers that use both online and offline platforms for their shopping needs. That’s why the retail store will hopefully bring us to these omnichannel (consumers),” said Fransisca Krisantia Nughara, Senior Vice President of Trade Partnership at

BliBliMart is said to be like the Amazon Go of the U.S. in which the store offers the most advanced shopping technology – with no lines, no checkout.

“There are still a lot of questions from the customers, and there are a lot of connection problems too, so we provide free Wi-Fi for the customers,” added Nughara.’s Vice President of Development, further explained what the company does. According to him, uses its online consumer data to determine the product preferences of consumers near the store to ensure suitable product selection and stock availability.

“We can identify the market segment. We can identify what people in Jakarta buy from our online data, what people in the area (of the store) buy,” Sasmita added.

Meanwhile, Nughara said that the test started running in November last year in which she said that the store is gaining 1,000 orders daily. BliBliMart lets customers purchase products through Blipay digital payment or Gojek’s payment app GoPay.

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