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DoorDash Introducing DashMart Convenience Store

Wednesday, August 5, DoorDash announced the launch of a chain of virtual convenience stores the company is calling DashMart.

As the coronavirus pandemic has crippled the foodservice industry, including restaurants — many of which have turned to online delivery to stay afloat. DashMart will sell snacks, groceries, and other food-related products from partner restaurants. Powered by partnerships with 7-Eleven, Walgreens, CVS, Wawa, and more.

“It’s a bit like the express lane inside of a store, whether that store is a grocery store or a convenience store, or a pharmacy,” DoorDash CEO Tony Xu told CNBC. “Sometimes, you just need those things that either you forgot, or just need in high frequency.” 

The undertaking appears to challenge online marketplaces like Instacart and Amazon, and more traditional brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart and Target. But Xu stressed that DashMart’s effort is unique, beginning with the speed at which customers will receive deliveries.

“You’re going to be able to get it in about 30 minutes,” Xu said. “You really don’t have that proposition anywhere else. So from our perspective, there was an opportunity to serve both consumers and merchants toward the goal of making sure that we can get the best of a city to the customers that live there.”

The convenience category includes more than 2,500 convenience shops across more than 1,100 cities nationwide. Right now, DashMart is available in eight cities in the US: Chicago, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; the greater Phoenix, Arizona area; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Redwood City, California. But DoorDash is planning to expand that to more locations in the future, starting with a broader rollout in California and the inclusion of Denver and Baltimore to its list of supported city markets.