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Facebook Messenger Introduced Watch Together Feature

Introducing a new “Watch Together” feature that allows friends to view TV shows and other content during group calls on Facebook Messenger.

To use the feature, swipe up on a video or Messenger Rooms and tap the new Watch Together option. Facebook will suggest videos for users to watch, or browse categories or search for a specific video.

The main limitation of Watch Together is that you can only watch videos that live on Facebook. YouTube, Netflix, and other video platforms and streaming services are not supported, so you’ll have to find another method to watch those videos, shows and movies with your friends. What you are able to watch are trending videos, sports highlights, clips from your favorite creators, and Facebook Watch originals like Sorry For Your Loss and Strangers.

Users can watch with as many as eight people on a Messenger video call or up to 50 people in a Messenger Rooms.

The feature is rolling out globally on iOS and Android.

With over 150 million video calls on Messenger a day, and that people send 200 million videos to one another daily.

In an interview said by Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Messenger, “It’s really getting more and more visual, and it continues to grow very, very fast.”


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