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Google Cloud Platform expands to Four more Regions

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) continues to expand its foot print as it announced it has expanded to four new regions

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of loud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Google Cloud previously announced its plans for expansion. Now, the cloud platform officially announced that it is expanding to four more regions including Dehli (India), Doha (Qatar), Melbourne (Australia), and Toronto (Canada).

GCP’s is expanding to its second region in India and a continuation of their efforts to help different sectors across India achieve their goals.

“Buyers and suppliers can already access our marketplace much faster than previously with Google Cloud, and this has a positive impact on customer engagement, time spent and the entire user journey. We are extremely excited about the potential of a second GCP region in India to help us provide an even better experience to the businesses that use IndiaMART,” said Amarinder S Dhaliwal, CFO at IndiaMART.

According to Dave Stiver, Senior Product Manager, GeoExpansion, they have signed their first collaboration agreement to launch a region in the Middle East with Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA).

“We work with some of the largest Korean enterprises, helping to drive their digital transformation initiatives. One of the key requirements that we have need to deliver the same quality of service to all of our customers around the globe,” commented John Lee, CEO of Bespin Global. “Google Cloud’s continuous investments in expanding their own infrastructure to areas like the Middle east make it possible for us to meet our customers where they are,” added Lee.

GCP’s expansion in the Toronto region also marks some collaboration like the platform Hopper. “Having already collaborated closely with the Google Cloud team in Montréal, where we’re headquartered, we look forward to their Toronto expansion. Google Cloud services allow us to bring a lower-latency travel planning and booking service to our customers, and the second Canada region will allow us to extend that experience to more people around the world,” said Ken Pickering, CTO at Hopper.

With GCP’s expansion in the Melbourne region, GCP strengthens its investment in Austalia and commitment to supporting its expanding customer base. “We aim to shape a world where people and communities thrive and Google Cloud is key to the transformation that enables us to achieve this purpose. Google Cloud’s Melbourne region presents opportunities to further enhance a cloud-based technology environment that incorporates integrated governance controls and service management, as well as consistent security controls,” commented Gerard Florian, Group Executive, Technology, ANZ Bank.