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Google Introduces New Biking Feature in Google Maps

Google introduces new biking features in Google Maps as the demand for bicycle navigation has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Google has used an AI algorithm, crowdsourced data, and data collected with the local municipalities to deliver the features. In some cities, users can now use Google Maps to guide through bicycle lanes or bicycle-friendly streets and areas. After all, you can catch some pretty tricky shortcuts when on two wheels.

“For some cities, Maps will show you links to open the relevant bike-share app to book and unlock the bike,” said Vishal Dutta, Product Manager, Google Maps.

“As more people choose to cycle, they’re buying new bikes, fixing up old ones, and turning to bike-sharing options. In fact, worldwide search interest for e-bike repair near me hit an all-time high this month, more than double what it was last year,” Dutta added.

Google Maps uses a combination of machine learning, complex algorithms, and understanding of real-world conditions based on imagery and data from government authorities and community contributions.

“We’re working to integrate hundreds of thousands of new bike lanes in the coming months. Local government agencies can provide this data through our Geo Data Upload tool to have their latest bike lane information reflected in Google Maps,” informed Dutta.