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Google Maps Begins Accepting Parking Fee via Google Pay

Software company Passport introduced a new partnership with Google to accept parking fees directly through Google Maps App.

Google Maps is working to let users pay for street parking from inside the map. Drivers in Austin, Texas, and can test the feature when driving to a location with participating parking nearby.

The new feature, part of a partnership with transportation software company Passport, will become available in more states in the coming weeks.

According to Vishal Dutta, Google Maps Product Manager, “We’re excited to work with Passport to help drivers in Austin pay for parking more quickly and conveniently right from Google Maps.”

“The new feature seeks to make driving and parking safer as people try to return to normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic,” he added.

Google Maps integration solves the need to download a new app to pay for parking since all Android devices come with Google Maps built-in and many iOS users already drive with Google Maps. However, the process isn’t any shorter.

As the user approaches their destination, an option to pay will appear in the Maps navigation window. The user must enter a zone number, just like many existing parking apps. Net, is to select a vehicle (or add one with the plate number), and the payment is handled by a payment method via Google Pay.