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Google’s Chrome 84 is now Available with New Features

Google’s Chrome 84 is now available for all desktop users after a delay in releases due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Google has announced the introduction of a new SameSite Cookies Policy, which should speed up page loading and improve security.

The changes require developers to set their cookies’ SameSite attribute or Google will automatically switch their setting to a more secure option, which is something that can potentially break websites.

Chrome 84 is not a massive release when compared to previous Chrome versions as it contains very few changes to the Chrome UI or with user-facing features. Instead, the vast majority of new additions are to Chrome’s underbelly — its developer tools and Web APIs.

In this release, it has a new Web OTP API, a new animations control system in the form of the new Web Animations API, and a few experimental features such as the Wake lock API, the Idle Detection API, and the Content Indexing API. (For a rundown of all the features. Click Here.)

Version 84 will also bring an important feature -the ability to block intrusive notifications, such as annoying follow requests from websites that keep popping up every visit. Back in January, Google talked about the fact that now all notifications and permissions will be disabled by default, and free to enable them or not.

In addition, the browser will notify desktop users if they’re downloading EXE, APK, and other executable files over an HTTP or over an HTTPS page as an added layer of security against potential threats to their system.

Users can update Chrome using the browser’s built-in update feature to move to the new release version and get access to the new features and security updates.

The new version of chrome is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.