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MerryMart Plans to Rollout Smart Lockers to Ease Delivery

Thursday, April 22, MerryMart Consumer Corp. unveiled its plan to install smart lockers where customers can collect and drop off packages.

This makes deliveries more safe and convenient during the pandemic. The MBOX Smart Lockers is envisioned to become the largest locker chain in the country.

An initial 100 smart lockers will be rolled out in high-density cities, MerryMart branches, commercial centers, LGU halls, condominiums, subdivisions, and office buildings across Metro Manila with a goal of laying out a network of 5,000 by 2030, MerryMart said.

One of the most vital criteria other than being able to enhance the consumer ecosystem of MerryMart is that the business unit must have the potential to eventually become the largest and the most dominant player in its specific consumer technology field

Packages are delivered to MBOX Smart Lockers by accredited couriers and online sellers. Face-to-face contact is no longer needed to complete the delivery transaction. Instead of several stops, a courier can now deliver multiple parcels to one secure location thereby saving time, reducing cost, minimizing failed deliveries, and at the same time helping the environment through the reduction of traffic and carbon emissions.

“In the past few years in the Philippines we have witnessed several consumer technology companies grow rapidly and suddenly become a vital part of our daily lives, such as Grab and FoodPanda in deliveries, GCash and PayMaya in digital payments, Lazada and Shopee in e-commerce. We have also seen both their respective market share and revenues grow exponentially. We see MBOX enhance and complement this inevitable evolution and further widen MerryMart’s revenue streams,” said MerryMart Chief Finance Officer Hannah Yulo-Luccini.

The MBOX Smart Locker network is expected to significantly increase the interaction between MerryMart Group and the general consumers of the Philippines.