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MerryMart Plans to Rolls Out ‘MBOX Smart Lockers’

MerryMart Consumer Corp. sets to roll out 5,000 MBOX Smart Lockers to address both customers’ and merchants’ pain points in last-mile delivery.

Thursday, October 7, the company rolled out its MBOX Smart Locker, a venture that rides on the eCommerce boom in the country, with the first installation at the MerryMart Grocery Branch in DoubleDragon Plaza at DD Meridian Park.

MBOX Smart Lockers are a revolutionary system of self-service lockers similar to post office boxes that are accessible 24/7, where customers can collect and drop off packages at their convenience at minimal or no additional cost. As soon as a package arrives, the locker sends a pickup code via SMS/App notification to alert the receiver.

“This pandemic has seen a record rise in deliveries and has highlighted the need for a contactless, efficient, and green delivery alternative. But beyond this, we believe that MBOX will improve Filipinos’ online purchase experience and give buyers, couriers, and sellers a more convenient, efficient, and secure alternative for delivering and receiving packages,” MerryMart and MBOX Chair Edgar Sia II said.

Packages are delivered to MBOX Smart Lockers by accredited couriers and online sellers. Face-to-face contact is no longer needed to complete the delivery transaction. Instead of several stops, a courier can now deliver multiple parcels to one secure location thereby saving time, reducing cost, minimizing failed deliveries, and at the same time helping the environment through the reduction of traffic and carbon emissions.