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Microsoft launches its new programming solution in India

The 100X100X100 program by Microsoft launches in India to accelerate SaaS startups

Tech giant Microsoft launches a new programming solution called the 100X100X100 program, aiming to help B2B startups in India. According to Microsoft, 100 companies have already committed a$100K each for enterprise-ready solutions from 100 B2B SaaS startups.

India has seen a rapid evolution when it comes to the SaaS market. The 100X100X100 program initiative will accelerate the startup ecosystem in India. More than 50 startups are part of the program at launch.

Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India said, “India has one of the largest B2B SaaS startup ecosystem in the world, and it’s growing exponentially. This initiative will help build scale and create amazing opportunities for startups. Businesses can now fast-track their digital journey through easy adoption of enterprise-grade solutions. We’re excited to see the outcomes of these partnership.”

Based on the program, joining startups will have access to regular speed-contracting sessions with prospective customers of ecosystem partners and industry associations including the Delhi and Mumbai Chapters of the Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).

Microsoft is committed to helping entrepreneurs build and scale their companies by leveraging the cloud platform, enterprise sales team and partner ecosystem. Microsoft India with Startups opens doors for startups form the country by helping make them enterprise-ready”, said Microsoft.

Additionally, startups participating has the privilege to; use the Microsoft’s technology platform, which allows them to innovate and build on their own terms; get Mentorship for both technical and immersive industrial experiences; get Access to partners who can accelerate their development; and support for streamlined go-to-market (GTM) activities across the globe.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella will be staying in India and said that she will share his vision for the future of technology and how India can adopt the digital transformation era.