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PLDT Launches Cloud-Based Phone System Called ePLDT

The ICT arm of PLDT Enterprise has teamed up with technology giant Microsoft and software company AudioCodes to come up with a new cloud-based phone system called ePLDT.

Called ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams, the modern enterprise voice solution aims to help boost the efficiency of businesses to improve overall business outcomes while reducing costs, application overload, and worker fatigue.

According to ePLDT President and CEO and PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups Senior Vice President and Head Jovy Hernandez, “We at ePLDT strive to continuously provide enterprises with innovative solutions that will create real value to their business. We always keep in mind the needs of our customers when we develop a new product to ensure that it answers their problems or challenges, and ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams is an illustration of that.”

“With ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams, we will enable businesses to have maximum productivity and a seamless collaboration among employees,” he said.

Additionally, Businesses can get real-time insights on the quality of calls made to ensure smooth communication and customer satisfaction. Calls are also protected with built-in security and privacy from Microsoft 365.

“Organizations caught in this siloed approach, those with disjointed communication and collaboration systems, are predisposed to users toggling from one system to another, which consumes more time and could possibly cause customer dissatisfaction due to simple miscommunication rising from seemingly mundane oversights such as unattended calls and queries and mishandled requests,” the company said.

Furthermore, ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams provides better management of customer experience across legacy and digital channels and aligns technology investments with every company’s business objectives.

“Traditional telephony solutions provided limited capabilities at a high cost and effort. ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams is the perfect solution for effective internal and external communication,” PLDT Enterprise Vice President and Head of ICT Business Nico Alcoseba said.