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Salesforce Adds New features in its Heath Cloud

Salesforce announced the addition of new healthcare tools including Provider Relationship Management, Einstein Analytics for Healthcare, and Destinations

Salesforce, the cloud-based software giant announces new tools to its Health Cloud for health care providers to leverage their patients’ healthcare data. The new features include Provider Relationship Management, Einstein Analytics for Healthcare, and Destinations.

According to Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, Chief Medical Officer and general manager of healthcare and life sciences at Salesforce, the added Provider Relationship Management tool aims to help healthcare organizations connect consumers link consumers to the right care faster, efficiently manage provider networks and grow the quality relationship.

The new features include a provider search, which will play a critical role in healthcare organizations’ ability to connect individuals to the right care provider.

“New Provider Search in Health Cloud makes it easy to match patients and members with the right care provider faster,” Zenooz elaborated. “Service reps can find providers on behalf of a patient or member, and it can also be extended to consumers themselves via self-service. Provider search can be done using specific criteria, including location, availability, specialty and whether they are accepting new patients,” added Zenooz.

As for the Einstein Analytics for Healthcare, the new announced tool will provide pre-built dashboards and industry KPI’s mainly to help payers and providers greater visibility to a patients’ care to improve health outcomes.

“In compliance with industry regulations, Einstein Analytics for Healthcare is built specifically for Health Cloud, and allows care coordinators, referral managers and other roles to get up and running quickly with pre-built dashboards and industry KPIs like length of referral time or care-plan adherence right in the platform,” said Zenooz.

“Users can segment patients by risk and other attributes to ensure they are reaching the right patient at the right time, as well as identify potential barriers to health in order to reduce readmissions or avoidable claims,” Zenooz added.

Salesforce also announced the addition of Destination, a no-code healthcare-interoperability Salesforce AppExchange system. It is designed to enable healthcare organizations to step up the interoperability of Health Cloud and enable the admins of Salesforce to efficiently integrate EHR data with predefined data mappings without having to write a line of code.