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Singapore’s Hoolah sets footprints in Malaysia

The Singapore-based omnichannel platform hoolah is entering a new market – expanding its presence in Malaysia.

hoolah is a leading omnichannel buy now pahttps://www.blinq.com/y later payment company that helps merchants of all sizes – predominantly in the retail, travel and airline verticals – to solve this issue and in doing so drive sales and enable their consumers to afford responsibly.

“Malaysia was always a key market for our expansion given the proximity to Singapore, as well as the growth in e-commerce,” said Stuart Thornton, CEO of hoolah. Reports say that hoolah acquires seven-digit funding round in 2018. The expansion marks the first international footprint of hoolah.

In line with the expansion, hoolah made a strategic partnership with Novelship and BlinQ. “Both BlinQ and Novelship are fantastic partners and we are very excited to work with them in Malaysia and across the region to help drive more conversion,” added Thornton.

Commenting on behalf of BlinQ is Bob Chua, Founder and CEO. “We are delighted to be partnering with hoolah at this very exciting time in retail. Our users throughout the region consist of aspiring and affluent end of the spectrum. As a result, we need to ensure a great product offering, matched by the most seamless payment options to cater to their needs” said Chua.

According to JPMorgan, Malaysia’s e-commerce market is valued at US$4 billion and is expected at a compound annual growth rate of 24% until 2020. hoolah said that 75% of e-commerce consumers look, add items to the shopping cart but don’t buy.

With hoolah, consumers can now responsibly afford the things they want or need by paying over 3 months or salary cycles and better budgeting with no extra costs. hoolah also delivers proven conversation and basket size increase utilizing their marketing engine.