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The Power of Positive Atmosphere in the Workplace

Promoting positivity on a daily basis will help your employees or co-worker start looking on the brighter side of things.

A positive workplace consists of employees who enjoy and are passionate about their work and who exhibit both personal and professional pride in the products and services they provide to customers.

“Affirm the positive, visualize the positive, and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.  “
– Remez Sasson

12 practical ways to spread positivity in the workplace

Model Kindness and Respect

Respect and kindness is a key requirement for a healthy work environment. The benefits of enacting these in the workplace should be obvious: increased productivity, a sense of integrity and trust, a more close-knit culture, transparent and free-flowing communication, and healthier, happier employees.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Recognizing with gratitude the efforts of your colleagues and their unique contributions shows that you value them and they matter to you and your organization.

Don’t Forget to Listen

Listening may not be a powerful tool. However, more and more business leaders and entrepreneurs are taking it on as a serious skill and are reaping the rewards. Remember to allow others to finish their thoughts before starting (or even collecting) your own; notice non-verbal clues, whether they are tone of voice or body language; and encourage the speaker, through positive questions, eye contact, and focus.

Make Goals Clear for Everyone

Employees need goals to be productive, but establishing the right one is tricky. In order for them to be effective, there should be alignment between those of the organization, the team, and individual ones. Everyone should be working towards the same outcome and understand how their work is contributing to the bigger picture.

Encourage Collaboration

Working in teams enables employees to be quicker and more effective in their work, as compared to people who work on projects on their own. Collaborating also makes employees more responsible, which goes a long way in raising their motivation levels, especially when teams work virtually.

Put on a Smile

A smile works as therapy in a stressful situation that is a good way of improving communication in the workplace. These are helpful to relieve stress that part you might experience due to workload and mental dissatisfaction.

Trust that your Employees are Responsible Adults

Trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain. It takes a long time and much effort to develop, but only one event to diminish it or to eliminate it completely.

Don’t Rely on Intimidation

Expecting the best, rather than the worst, will lead to better results. It’s better not to give people the idea that they will be punished if they don’t meet work goals.

Have an Office Wellness Program

Developing a fitness habit or a healthy habit can take considerable effort as it improves the health and productivity of employees and potentially improves the overall cost of employer-provided health care.

Encourage Mentoring

Mentoring in the workplace is a two-way street that benefits mentor and mentee. It is also an established partnership between colleagues for the purpose of learning and growth.

Communicate Positively

Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organization and this has been particularly important.

Understand your Mission

The mission remains underutilized when you seek to improve your organization’s success, productivity, and performance without focusing on the mission. You cannot identify values, goals, or action plans without first succinctly define what you do.

The effects of positivity in the workplace have undeniable business benefits. It reduces employee stress, improves energy, and increases productivity. When employees are happy and motivated, they invest all their energy to ensure the best results. After all, POSITIVITY is contagious!