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The World’s First Floating Apple Store Located in Singapore

A giant glowing orb is the world’s first floating Apple store located on the bayfront of Singapore.

Apple has hundreds of physical stores dotted around the world, serving as stores, repair centers, and community hubs where people can learn to be more creative.

The company has confirmed plans to open a dome-shaped store located in Singapore on the city-state’s waterfront and known officially as Apple Marina Bay Sands, can claim a world’s first title: it’s the only Apple retail shop on the planet that floats on water.

As Archigardner reports, the store is replacing a shard-shaped Crystal Pavilion that once housed a nightclub called Avalon. Apple has rebuilt the structure with glass panels that will reflect Singapore’s skyline during the day and, according to materials published by 9to5Mac, glow like a lantern at night.

“The structure’s shape informs an entirely new store layout,” the company teased and will be partly lit by a circular window at the top of the dome. Like the original Crystal Pavilion, it will be connected by a boardwalk and an underwater tunnel that connects to a nearby mall.

The eye-catching dome is the third Apple store in Singapore. The company built its first location at Knightsbridge Mall in 2017 before opening a second at Jewel Changi Airport in July 2019.

However, the store is not yet open to the public, but there are already plenty of photographs from the outside.