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Unicommerce Partners with Yellow Messeger to Enable FMCG

Unicommerce announced Thursday, July 2, a strategic partnership with Yellow Messenger.

The partnership helps fast-moving consumer goods and consumer packaged goods brands manage their retail operation efficiently.

As part of the partnership, Yellow Messenger’s conversational AI platform will enable brands and retailers to take orders directly through a WhatsApp chatbot and the orders received through multiple sales channels can be managed on a centralized platform by Unicommerce.

The direct order through WhatsApp chatbots will help consumers save time and the centralized platform will help companies to streamline their operations and deliver products efficiently, to improve the overall eCommerce experience of end customers.

The collaboration will empower brands and retailers to develop a direct relationship with consumers and manage business operations across multiple sales channels on a single dashboard.

According to Unicommerce CEO Kapil Makhija, “At Unicommerce, we are always working towards simplifying eCommerce selling for retailers and eCommerce players. Our partnership with Yellow Messenger will further solidify our commitment in this direction.”

“With this collaboration, we aim to help retail brands to provide enhanced online shopping experience on social media and enable retailers with a centralized platform to view and manage their inventory and orders efficiently. Yellow Messenger is one of the finest conversation AI platforms in the industry and we are glad to have them as our partner. We will continue to leverage the power of technology solutions to provide an integrated eCommerce selling platform to our customers.” he added.

Yellow Messenger CEO and Co-Founder, Raghu Ravinutala, “The future state of digital commerce will necessitate supporting so many channels that it will be impractical and likely impossible to dedicate individual teams to each one. And that is where, a new age, yet proven technology like conversational commerce can become a tactic and strategy both, to enable digital commerce over the long run, all from a single platform.”

“We’re proud to partner with Unicommerce in delivering an end-to-end D2C on WhatsApp solution for their clients,” he added.