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Waze, Headspace to Roll Out a New ‘Drive with Headspace’

Waze has partnered with meditation app Headspace to roll out a new “Drive with Headspace” experience aimed at making commutes less stressful.

The navigation app maker says the new integration is meant to help drivers learn how to “find more joy and meaning on the road.” The Headspace experience allows users to choose from five moods, including aware, bright, hopeful, joyful, and open.

“Traffic is the worst. The longer you’re in it, the worse your blood pressure, sleep, back pain, and risk of depression. As more and more people get back into the rhythm of having to commute to school or work, many are finding themselves stuck in traffic again,” Waze said in a blog post. “To find a way to help combat the negative effects of traffic and encourage drivers to enjoy their drives, on the heels of World Mental Health Day, we turned to our friends at Headspace.”

According to an announcement, the navigation voice is provided by Eve Lewis Prieto, Headspace’s mindfulness teacher and director of meditation.

Apart from the usual directions, Prieto’s voice can also be heard asking users questions like “Sometimes the journey takes you back to where you came from, what’s different about this time?” and reminding users to take a moment to notice the sights surrounding them, to promote mindfulness and a more active awareness during the drive.

To activate the Drive with Headspace feature, users can go to My Waze on the app and choose from five new Moods (Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful, and Open), change their in-app car icon to Cloud Nine (Headspace’s icon of a hot-air balloon) and enable Headspace as the navigation voice, which is currently available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.