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WhatsApp Rolling Out End-to-End Encrypted Backup

October 14, Thursday, WhatsApp is adding end-to-end encryption to cloud backups on both Android and iOS, Facebook announced.

The company offered end-to-end encryption for chats for years, but with this new change, you can get the same level of encryption with your backups. The feature will be rolling out ‘slowly’ for users on the latest version of the app.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “While end-to-end encrypted messages you send and receive are stored on your device, many people also want a way to back up their chats in case they lose their phone. Starting today, we are making available an extra, optional layer of security to protect backups stored on Google Drive or iCloud with end-to-end encryption. No other global messaging service at this scale provides this level of security for their users’ messages, media, voice messages, video calls, and chat backups.”

“You can now secure your end-to-end encrypted backup with either a password of your choice or a 64-digit encryption key that only you know. Neither WhatsApp nor your backup service provider will be able to read your backups or access the key required to unlock them. With more than 2 billion users, we are excited to give people more choices to protect their privacy. We will be rolling this feature out slowly to those with the latest version of WhatsApp.”

It won’t be on by default but users have to actively choose to enable it by going to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > End-to-end Encrypted Backup.

More information about how you can protect your chat backups with end-to-end encryption on iOS and Android can be found here, and more information about how we built it can be found here.