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Wix Partners with Stripe, HP to Launch Wix POS

Tuesday, June 8, Wix announced a partnership with Stripe and HP to launch Wix POS Solutions, to deliver improved end-to-end commerce solutions.

The Wix Retail POS hardware kits come with an HP terminal that is pre-installed with the Wix POS software, which Wix develops in-house and provides at no additional cost. Transactions are processed through Wix Payments via the Stripe Terminal card reader, with standard, fixed processing rates for in-person payments.

The POS services are integrated with Wix eCommerce accounts, providing fully synced inventory, orders, fulfillment, CRM, analytics, data, and reports.

According to Liat Karpel Gurwicz, Head of eCommerce Marketing at Wix, “We strive to provide Wix business owners with a complete business solution, and we’re thrilled to extend our offering to the physical world. The launch of our own POS solution comes at a time when businesses must have the agility to move seamlessly between their online presence and offline POS.”

Wix is selling its POS services in four different kits. The premium tier is equipped with HP hardware, including a terminal with customer display, cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and the Stripe Terminal card reader. Wix POS is currently available only to US-based Wix store users and requires a verified Wix Payments account for the purchase. It plans to expand its POS services to other countries over time.