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YouTube Rolling Out Copyright Checks for Videos

YouTube is rolling out a new tool called “Checks” that tells a creator ahead of time if their videos contain copyrighted materials and comply with advertising guidelines.

Copyright is an issue that YouTube creators have had to deal with for ages, and in many cases, it can land them in hot water by mistake. Generally speaking, if a YouTube video is going to face copyright problems, creators won’t find out until it’s been fully uploaded and, in some cases, published. That can easily land a creator in hot water with strikes on their channel that bring on various restrictions and consequences.

YouTube’s goal is to effectively cut down on the amount of “yellow icons” creators see next to their video, referring to the yellow dollar signs that suggest ad revenue is being held because of copyright or guideline problems.

This new system is reliant on Content ID. If YouTube’s copyright identification system finds a violation after a video is scanned, the rights holder’s policy will be automatically applied to the video, according to the company. This could result in either the video being blocked entirely or the rights holders monetizing the video instead.

YouTube is adding a step to the upload process simply called “Checks” that analyzes a video before it’s published so a creator can easily see if they’re going to face any problems. In theory, this should make it much easier for creators to know what they’ll be dealing with before the video goes out.