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Waze Latest Feature Adds Lane Guidance & Proactive Traffic Updates

Waze has pushed a few major updates, now finally adding one of the handiest features of Google Maps and Apple Maps: Lane Guidance.

The new feature, now out of beta on the Google-owned navigation app, recommends what lane you should be in when users are entering or exiting a freeway. It’s also helpful when navigating complicated intersections or highway mergers.

Another major feature Waze is adding is Trip Suggestions. This addition uses your navigation history to determine common routes and give you a quick look at your routes to see if there are delays. On a similar note, Waze is also bringing Traffic Notifications to its users. This feature will send an alert to your phone when Waze detects traffic is building upon a planned route.

Waze is also improving ETA calculations in areas/times where there are fewer drivers on the road. Google Assistant integration is also expanding to French, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking users. Search is also being upgraded with new location badges that make it easier to find specific kinds of locations along with your route (gas stations, parking, etc).

Waze will be adding the ability to access Amazon Music right from Waze’s audio player in the coming months. Amazon Music is coming to the platform as the latest built-in music integration following Spotify, YouTube Music, and others.