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A New Era Following Digital Transformation

Every industry is slowly adapting to the effect of digital transformation to businesses.

Though it is not new to everyone, many are still trying to work their way on adapting to digital transformation.

In the world of business technology, the growth of this transformation can be seen anywhere. From a simple digital platform and robotics to an evolution that leads to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Many businesses and organization have started early in this kind of field. Today, according to a survey, about 25 percent are starting their journey by using a more advanced method for their business. It is higher than expected, especially that many are considering today as the next phase of technological advancement. Nonetheless, there is about 8 percent who stated that their organization is digitally transformed.

Many businesses are starting to realize and understand why digital transformation is important to grow their business. It is expected that 2018 will be an era of constant transformation for most businesses.

Today, not only that digital transformation is constant but, there are also a lot of new additions that businesses should look after.

One of the growing digital industry as of today is the Blockchain technology. Though it is originally for the digital currency, Bitcoin, many have discovered other ways to use it. In 2018, this technology will greatly affect the way people live. From the way, they travel, vote and pursue a career in doing business operations. Blockchain is known for its security and fraud protection, that is why it is not surprising that many cannot wait to see what future it holds.

A business or company is expected to be flexible when it comes to change. Considering this fact, it would not be long before everyone is ready to accept the way industry revolves in this new era. It is a common knowledge that to stay on top of the competition, one should be open for new changes.