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Lotte Duty Free introduces TripTalk for Travelers

The South Korean giant store Lotte Duty Free announced the launching of TripTalk – a content-sharing platform for all travelers.

The said TripTalk allows users to share real-time information about their adventures. Like other social media platforms, uploaded contents are liked and other users can comment. It also has a feature where users can see the most popular post.

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Lee Kap, CEO of Lotte Duty Free, who announced about the new platform, encourages all travelers to share their travel experience. She said that the app is a way of ‘talking freely about travel’.

Being engaged in the operation of both department store and supermarket, Lotte Duty Free also has a give-away piece to its TripTalk users. Every time TripTalk users receive a video or photo content, they can acquire a ‘candy’ that can be redeemed to Lotte Duty Frees’ online store. Users can also earn the candies by clicking or commenting on the post.

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What’s really fun about these features is that a single user can earn up to 30,000 candy units a day. Not only that, but Lotte Duty Free is also willing to pay 500,000 candies to customers/users who have the record of ‘most post’ during September – its first month of launching.

“The opening of the TripTalk service brings us one step closer to the content that Lotte Duty Free Online aims for. We will do our best to be a content-rich online duty free shop”, said Lee Jung-min, E-commerce head at Lotte Duty Free.

TripTalk can be accessed at the Lotte Duty Free Shop through a QR code or by clicking the banner on Lotte Duty Free mobile app.


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