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PLDT Enterprise Enables e-Learning for Students of STI

PLDT Enterprise has teamed up with educational institution STI to provide students with the necessary connectivity to enable e-Learning.

Given the community quarantine measures in the past months, STI faced major challenges in planning the continuous growth and learning for their students.

The educational institution launches its ONE STI Learning Model which will combine digital tools and online technology with hands-on training and on-campus activities.

With the new model and the tie-up, PLDT Enterprise said more than 80,000 students of STI across the country would benefit from Smart GIGA Study Data Plan to ensure their connectivity.

According to ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head of PLDT and SMART Enterprise Business Groups, Jovy Hernandez, “We at PLDT Enterprise aim to support the needs of our modern-day learners so they never stop dreaming amid the current situation. And with this partnership, we fully support STI as they enable their students with connectivity and technologies to continue their education.”

The concept of online learning in STI has already been implemented for the past six years using e-Learning Management System (eLMS) for students to continue their studies at home uninterrupted despite the physical classroom disruptions.

The plan gives STI students access to its predefined school apps—from eLMS, Microsoft Office 365, ONE STI Student Portal, and other collaborative online learning tools — allowing them to safely study whenever and wherever they are while remaining connected.

“STI has always been committed to providing real-life education through the development and delivery of superior learning systems, and this partnership with PLDT Enterprise strengthens this mission further especially during this critical time,” said Aisa Hipolito, VP for Academics of STI

PLDT Enterprise said it aims to redefine the future of learning for Filipino students through its continuous engagements with universities, colleges, schools, and learning institutions across the country.

Aside from its support to online learning, PLDT Enterprise is also helping micro, small and medium enterprises get their businesses back on track by offering reliable business and connectivity solutions