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Sony to Level Up Regular Watches into Swatches!

The last time Sony released a smart wearable was on 2014, now they are back with another amazing innovation – meet Wena Wrist, they can turn every watch into smartwatches.

The basic idea behind the Wena Wrist straps is to replace the regular wristband of your watch. It comes with two versions: Active and Pro. The former is made with silicone and designed for fitness fanatics, while the latter is made with metal for a more “premium” look.

The term Wena stands for “wear electronics naturally”. The straps allow you to connect your existing watch to a band that allows for contactless payments, fitness tracking and notifications from your phone.

The design principle of Wena mainly aims to be attached in the watch strap rather than the face because this will allow the users to choose between whatever traditional watch faces and still access the same features found on modern smartwatches, adding smart capabilities to any watch in their collection.

Wena, as a brand, actually emerged from a startup project. The concept of simply combining them with any standard watch is the most important novelty of the project, which is indeed a unique and innovative idea.

If you’re after a complete package, worry not, as Sony has also introduced three watch faces (that has no smart features) designed to complement Wena perfectly!

These wearables can now be pre-ordered, with Wena Wrist Pro starting at £399 and Wrist Active at a cheaper price at about £349. The watch faces, conversely, starts at £100.