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65 flights cancelled, 10 diverted and thousands are still stranded in Manila Airport

Manila, Philippines—-, The overshoot of Xiamen Airlines at Ninoy Aquino International Airport slightly after midnight today and Manila’s busiest airport, froze all flights and rendered thousands of stranded passengers today. As of 6:30 pm, Manila time, airport personnel are still uncertain when will the flights normalize.

China’s Xiamen Air flight MF8667, Boeing 737-800, overshoots the runway at the airport while landing. A total of 157 passengers, including the eight crew members, evacuated the Boeing through an emergency slide. Jim Sydiongco, Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, said: “the Boeing 737-800 failed to properly land because of poor visibility that led to the difficulty to see the runway”.

One of the passengers, Adrià Villarroya Viñas, was slated for an international flight to Europe scheduled to board at 6:50 pm. In an interview, “airport officials announced that flight would proceed until 7:00 in the evening because the runway was not available” he stated.

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Photo credit: Adrià Villarroya Viñas

He added “They keep on saying that the runway will be closed until 7:00 pm today and flights would be available 8:00 onwards but due to some reason, they made a follow-up announcement that airport might be shut down until tomorrow, August 18 at 5:00 in the morning. Now, people are trying to line up for their accommodation located in Alabang,”

Viñas was about to go to Spain for a quick visit to his family. It is quite frustrating for him since he took some day off just to be with his loved ones. What’s even worst is the fact that he may be able to have his flight rescheduled for the next three days. He can only hope that flights can normalize as soon as possible.

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Passengers Stranded at Manila Airport (Photo courtesy of Adrià Villarroya Viñas)

This is a quizzical moment to all airlines if they upheld passenger rights for the delayed flight. The right for information, right for a meal after two hours of delayed flight without definitive boarding and most, the right for accommodation option if the delay happens more than four hours without definitive announcement for boarding.