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A New Beginning for India with Walmart’s Plan of Building New Stores

Recently, Walmart, a multinational retail company planned to build 15 new stores in Uttar Pradesh, creating a total of 30, 000 jobs available for the locals and those who are interested.

Uttar Pradesh, a state in India is considered as having the second largest economy among all the states in the country. Recently, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the state government, Walmart India now has the privilege to build and open new branches in the area. Individually the stores would be housing 2,000 jobs by that means a total of 30,000 jobs will be open for all.

Thus, the stores along with the first Cash and Carry stores that are currently operating in the state are expected to have a great impact to the state’s growing e-commerce business as well as, of course, its economy.

Walmart has entered India’s economy by storm with its acquisition of the country’s biggest e-commerce retail company, Flipkart. They have bought 77% of the company and was considered an exceptional strategy as the company is known as the one on the lead when it comes to the retail industry of the country. It was like eliminating a competitor by being an ally to them.

After the last-mentioned Walmart has been doing great in the country and with that, the company has continuously generated skilled jobs and resume what it has started. Right after launching a fulfillment center in the city of Lucknow, the company was reported to have created 1,500 new skilled jobs.