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A New Store is Coming to Conquer the City of Evansville

Amidst the development of the retail spot in Evansville, a new furniture shop, Art Van Furniture Shop, is ready to join the crowd.

Art Van Furniture will be located on East Indiana Street taking the place of the once was Gander Mountain, now Gander Outdoors.

The shop will have a ribbon cutting on Saturday, July 28 with a little set of activities throughout the celebration.

The company’s core is focused on producing furniture and home decors both for indoor and outdoor. Anyone who’s looking for furniture and trying to make their home, even more, livelier and beautiful- around the area, will surely love the soon-to-open store.

The company had just had its new owner after Art Van Elslander, late founder passed in February. The store is filled with its former founder’s words of wisdom that would depict the inspiration of its employees and the company itself.

The store is trying to look for local employees that could help them bring success to the said company as they start a new chapter in their journey.

Along with this a lot of stores are going to open soon, some replacing those that have been relocated, such as the Burlington shop that is going to be replaced by the At Home Shop.

Nonetheless, many spaces along the area are still waiting to be filled. Soon enough Evansville’s retail industry will be bigger than ever, especially now that it is considered as the fourth largest in the area to have a high gross domestic product (GDP).