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Air Asia: A Trailing New Look for its Cabin Crews

AirAsia has introduced new personal protective equipment (PPE) for its cabin crews to be used as flights resume in the coming days in the region.

With AirAsia Philippines tentatively due to restart some flights in May, the airline is also trailing a new look for its cabin crew. As the flights resume, the cabin crew will be dressed head-to-toe in a PPE boiler suit with matching medical mask, protective visor, and disposable gloves.

Designed in collaboration with Filipino fashion designer Puey Quinones, the PPE suits, which were launched last Friday (April 24) during a recovery flight from Bangkok to Manila, embrace the airline’s signature red-hot color and have reportedly been approved by the Philippine’s Department of Health.

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Sheila Romero, Vice Chairman of AirAsia Philippines, said in a statement; “The PPE is comfortable because it is not so thick and heavy yet it serves its purpose. I like that it’s chic and sporty-similar to what Formula One race car drivers wear. This fusion of fashion and safety will define the new standards of flying today.”

Passengers will be required to bring their own masks. They will need to wear them when checking in, when inflight, and when collecting baggage. Both crew and customers will also need to undergo mandatory temperature checks before boarding a plane.

AirAsia Philippines wants to ensure the safety of its crew and passengers as it begins flying again and is scheduled to resume domestic flying in The Philippines on 15 May.