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Amazon Plans to open 3,000 Cashier-less Stores by the year 2021

Amazon said on Wednesday, September 19, that they are planning to open over 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021. Inc. is an American electronic commerce (e-commerce) and cloud computing company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It was the largest retailer in the world but is next to Alibaba Group when it comes to total sales.

Since the commitment to operational excellence was one of the company’s principle, Amazon created a cashier-less store which was called “Amazon Go“. The Amazon Go is a kind of store with no checkout. The technologies used in the said store was similar to what self-driving cars used. It gives its customer the opportunity to just shop and leaves the store.

Amazon Go store has already three stores in Seattle and will soon open a store in Chicago. Amazon is also considering the possibility of expanding it to two more countries which includes San Francisco and New York.

The cashier-less store is considered as Amazon’s most aggressive move in the e-commerce market- cost is one of the primary complications of the said plan. The Go Store needs up to $1 million worth of hardware to be able to build one store alone.

According to a report, if the Go store became successful, it does not only threaten the company’s competitors but also for fast food establishments.

Amazon already has a little competition with Microsoft wherein the latter company had already its own “checkout-free” technology in the process.

The company has not yet commented on spreading rumors.