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Apollo Database has Been Hacked; Contacts Stolen

Apollo’s 200 million contact records hack confirmed.

Apollo, a sales engagement and actionable analytics is a startup company that companies to reach its full revenue potential. Time, together with Ray and Roy, created the first intelligent, truly unified sales platform.

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Tim Zheng, CEO of Apollo stated that the company was born out of need at a previous venture. The company launched as ZenProspect in 2015 and went through Y Combinator in 2016. Apollo matches sellers with potential buyers through its 200 million contacts database for over 10 million companies.

Recently, the company announces a data breach and said that their contact’s database was stolen. Bjoern Zinssmeister, the Co-founder of Templarbit, posted an email on the details about the breach saying that the breach was discovered weeks after it was upgraded in July.

The prospect database includes name, email address, company names, and other information was confirmed that it was exposed on the said breach. Some of the client-imported data were also accessed without any authorization.

The investigation was still ongoing. Apollo may face actions form European government under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a European Union lawmakers which aim to take account of seismic shifts in the handling of information.

Specific data and affected customers are still unknown.


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