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Apple launches Design and Developer Accelerator program in China

The trillion-dollar company Apple announced the launch of its new Design and Developer Accelerator program in Shanghai, China for the overseas business push.

The tech giant has been investing efforts on programs that expand its business market globally. The Design and Developer Accelerator is a part of the company’s plans in its growing business market.

The said program gives Chinese developers an opportunity to work with Apple’s own developers to sharpen their development skills and take their apps to a different level. The Design and Developer Accelerator program conducts lectures, workshops, sessions, guest speakers and networking discussions – all for free.

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The new program provides a deep dive at the latest updates to ARKit 3, AR Quick Look, Reality Composer, and RealityKit.

“Developers here in China are leading the world with some of the most popular apps on the App Store, and we are proud to be providing this additional support for them,” said Enwei Xie, Apple’s head of developer relations in Greater China. “From education to health to entertainment, the innovation we see here is incredible and we can’t wait to see what these talented developers will come up with next,” he added.

According to Apple, Greater China has over 2.5 million app developers. These local developers have earned over 200 billion RMB through App Store sales since 2010. The growth in Chinese App store profit shows that Greater China is one of the key factors in boosting Apple’s services revenue.

The program is the first in China. Apple also operates a similar program in Bangaluru, India. Aspiring attendees of the said program should register on the Apple Developer Program and must have an Apple ID registered in the region.