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Apple Launches iOS 13 and iPadOS with better updates

The tech giant company launches iOS 13, iPadOS, and even macOS Catalina and tvOS 13 public betas earlier than expected.

Apple releases not just one, but 4 major software updates and is now available in beta. All you need to do is download and install these amazing software updates and experience its cool upgrades now.

The most anticipated software updates from Apple came earlier than expected. Scheduled for July, the tech giant company must be confident about these updates, releasing it a week sooner. The said updates are now on a test in existing iPhone and iPad.

The iOS 13 update has a lot to offer. It focuses mainly on the concept. Unlike iOS 12, iOS 13 has a “Dark Mode” feature that is beautifully designed for the eye of the user. The Dark Mode feature may also save your battery life.

Here are other awesome features of the new operating system:


  • The all-new Photos app shows more organized photos and videos, making it easier for the user to browse and discover its favorite memories. Videos are automatically playing too.
  • It also has a more improve and easier photo editing tool that a user can use. With just one swipe, the user can fully edit the photo creating a perfect look. This photo editing tools are available for video editing.


  •  Lazy to edit your photo? Worry not as iOS 13 also updates its camera enabling its Portrait lightning effect adjustable for a more refined look. Apple also added a new effect called ‘High-Key Light Mono’.

Apple Sign-in

  • Signing in to Apple is made easier and safer. Rather than using social accounts and filling out forms, you can use your Apple ID and Apple will verify your identification and secure your personal information.


  • Siri’s voice was improved having a more natural voice and its Siri Shortcuts now supports Suggested Automations that gives personalized routines.

CarPlay Update

  • According to some, this update was the best upgrade of all. You can now enjoy this best upgrade in your car with its improved Dashboard to view maps, music, and other apps. It also has a new Calendar app for Carplay that lets you see your appointments. Siri, on the other hand, can still provide suggestions while the map view is working.


  • The new look for Map apps came from a new base map. It lets you see a more precise address and a more detailed image of the location. It has also ‘Look Around’ feature with high-resolution 3D graphics.

Quick Path

  • The new keyboard system which they called ‘QuickPath’ lets you stroke the screen in a continuous movement to type letters.

Performance Improvements

  • The update will not be as good as other updates without improving the operating system’s performance. iOS 13 promises to give a more responsive and faster Face ID unlocking. It has also included a package to iPhone apps that reduces app download size and a fast launching of the app.

Wifi and Bluetooth

  • The new operating system now included Bluetooth is its Control Center. In terms of connecting to Wifi, Apple made sure not to limit wifi connections any more.

Unknown Callers

  • Spam calls are sometimes annoying. With iOS 13, you have the choice to make these unknown calls go straight to your voicemail.


  • Battery life is so much important to everyone especially when you’re busy making calls. iOS 13 extends your battery life. According to Apple, you can charge your phone up to 80% and becomes 100% after unplugging it, but it still depends on your charging habits.

There are different ways of installing all these software updates. iOS 13, for instance, warns you to have a backup file before installing it. Here are some devices that support iOS 13:

  1. iPhone XS, XS Max
  2. iPhone X, XR
  3. iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  4. iPhone 7, 7 Plus
  5. iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
  6. iPhone SE
  7. iPod touch (seventh-gen only)

Want to install macOS Catalina? Here are some steps that we can help you.

  • Go to Apple’s beta software portal
  • Click ‘Enroll your Devices’
  • Click ‘macOS’
  • Click ‘Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility’. If not enrolled in Mac in the Beta Program, click download a .DMG file.
  • Finally, go to ‘Software Update’. You will receive a notification once the update is ready.

Steps on Downloading iPad OS Beta

  • Go to Apple’s beta software portal
  • Click ‘Enroll Your devices’
  • Click ‘iPad OS’. Clicking this makes you backup your macOS in your computer.
  • After backing up, select ‘Download profile’. A warning will pop up. ‘Click ‘Allow’
  • Lastly, open the Setting app. A ‘Profile Downloaded’ section must be included at the top. Select it and now you’re ready to go.

The tech giant promises to give its users a more enjoyable experience.