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Apple unveiled its new competitors for the Tech Market

Apple through the years brought phones to the public that made people fall in love head over heels with. Now the company launches three new devices to the market, with the models iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

Apple, who became the first to reach the trillion-dollar net worth reveals its new models to be available soon to Apple stores globally. The hype is again all building up with Apple and Tech Fans, it is targeting a lot of individuals who are in point with the device’s new features. Along with Apple creating cheaper iPhones, the iPhone XR will attempt to surpass the old model iPhone 5c with it having a plastic back cover.

Even with the prices of the previous iPhones was set to be in high expenses, consumers still waited for the new iPhones to be released in the Apple stores. The new models will be an attempt by the company to propel itself to further heights.

Following with more criticisms, Apple is still growing with its vision in creating premium gadgets that have appealed to many of its customers. 

The company is still in the third when it comes to overall smartphone sales when Huawei overtook them along with Samsung in becoming first.

Apple has announced the models iPhone XS to be the successor of the iPhone X and the iPhone XR with the iPhone 8. Apple set the price to be around $749 with the iPhone XR and will take the customers to about $1099 with the iPhone XR Max.