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ASEAN HR Tech Venture Summit 2018 Welcomes You in Manila

ASEAN HR TECH VENTURE SUMMIT 2018 was the most innovative “unconference” event that covered five topic tracks namely; Corporate HR and AGILE, Technology, Legal Track, Mergers and Acquisition, and Venture Business; Future of Work Branding, that took place at Shangri-La at the Fort, BGC, Manila, Philippines last October 18 and 19.

The two-day summit was the first event to have tech and venture combined in one conference in which its primary goal was to gather Business Leaders, Investors, and Entrepreneurs around the region to socially engineer an event that strengthen the multiple initiatives of Corporate HR, enhance HR Business Partnerships, understand the anatomy of how Investments and Mergers shape HR affairs, and feature Employer branding and technology innovation driven by Corporate and Millennial and Generation Z Entrepreneurs.
The diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists provided insights about the 5-theme track.

The Program started off this morning with an Opening Keynote by the first set of panelists, Johan Janssens, the Co-founder of Timble and Joomla, followed by Assistant Secretary for Operations and Legislative affairs, Assistant Secretary Atty. Marie Rafael, together with Secretary Martin Andanar, currently the Secretary of the Presidential Communications Office of the Philippines.

Philippa Penfold, the Vice President of People & Strategy – PeopleWave, and Patrick Gentry, the CEO & co-founder of Sprout Solutions, covered The State of Human Resource in ASEAN Regions. The panel was moderated by Valentina Incognito, the Sales Manager of KMC Solutions.

The second set of panelists, which was moderated by Valentina Incognito, were Jamie Getgood, an award-winning Senior HR leader and the managing director of Getgood Consulting, covered the case study on “Enhancing the Change Experience through the Closure of an Industry”,

Eleana Choy, Chief HR Officer of Thome Group of Companies, on “Cultivating a high-performance organization and creating a meaningful performance assessment framework”, Eric Riego De Dios the People Director of Baker McKenzie on “Agile Learning for the Future of Work”, Marvin Rodriguez of East-West Seed speaks of “Challenges of Integration of Regional Teams”, and with the Country Manager of Cathay Pacific, Robin Bradshaw.

Sec. Raul Lambino was the Opening Keynote for the third panel and talked about the Global Investment Opportunities in CEZA. The third panel covered “Adaptive Behavioral Change and Agile HR”, presented by the founder and CEO of Intentional Work Communities, Inc., Ruben Chaumont, on “From Traditional to Agile: Building a Company Culture that Fuels Employees’ Engagement and Sense of Ownership”. Also, Jaspreet Kakar, Chief Human Resources Officer of AXA Philippines talks about “Implementing Agile HR from the Traditional”. They were joined by the founder and CEO of SelfDrvn, Mun Choong Lam and Sudheer Nohu, the deputy CEO of Excelity. The panel was moderated by Philippa Penfold.

House Representative and Co-Author of TRAIN Law, Hon. Dakila Carlo Cua was the welcoming speaker for the Legal Track. Together with the fourth set of panelists, Atty. Karla Denise Frias, Atty. Rhondee Dumlao and Atty. Kristine Alcantara discussed the Impact of TRAIN Law to SME’s and the National Economy.  Lorelie “Relly” Fajardo, Board Director of PAG-IBIG Fund and Co-convener of TRAIN Law was the moderator.

The Venture Track started with Antoine Blanc, the Director of Index-Asia Philippines, who shared his idea on “Building Strategic Corporate Investments by Venture Partnerships”. Pierre Monserrate, Director People & Culture of Philip Morris International, gave us an overview of the current state of investments in the ASEAN and the Philippines.

Pierre Monserrate joined the fifth set of panelists Rosie Keller, the Regional Manager of Seedstar Asia, Mark Vernon, the founder of Tagcash, and Edison Tsai, the Executive Director of Seedln Philippines. They discussed “The state of investments in the ASEAN and the Philippines” and “Avoiding Errors of a Merger” which was moderated by Maria Jesusa “Jayjay” Viray, Founder of Grocercoin.

Andrei Palamariu, Director of Harper and Hill, was the Welcoming Speaker for the afternoon program discussed the topic “Recruiters, still relevant?”.

The Tech Track opened with Sharon Lee, the Co-Founder of HREasily, talked about the “State of HR Technology in the ASEAN” followed by Frank Angotti of Advantage Technologies, who talked about “Using Technology to Mitigate Internal HR Risks Today”.

Sharon Lee joined the sixth set of panelists Phil Wheatley, the COO and Managing Director of Synchrony Global Philippines, and Peter Cauton, the Founder of STORM and STORM Learning, who discussed “State of ASEAN HR Technology VS Global Trends”. The panel had Philippa Penfold as the moderator.

David Foote, CEO and CTO of Zennya, gave us an insight on “How Artificial Intelligence Solve Recruitment Retention and Performances Assessment in Technical Terms”. Vaclav Koranda, VP HR on T -Systems Malaysia discussed “Using AI to Determine the Hiring Pool Based on the Current Talent Make Up”.

The final set of panelists for the day were Philip Gioca, the Country Manager of Philippines, Christian Blanquera, the CEO of Jobayan and CTO of Sterling Technologies, Paige Tribdino– Client Relations Associate at Kalibrr, Vaclav Koranda, and David Foote discussed the “Reshaping Talent Management for The Next” and was moderated by Judith Balea, the Managing Editor of Tech in Asia.

The exhibit area was also an attraction, where our partners showcased their products and services.

The draw for the raffle winners at the ASEAN HR TECH VENTURE SUMMIT 2018 was held during the afternoon break.

Joan Carla Estepa received Php 18,000 worth of gift certificates from iSkin. Best Western gave out vouchers and it was received by Christopher Lagman. Glenda Corvera, the Account Officer of Airjuan, gave out round-trip tickets for two and was received by Maja Aileen B. Acosta. Anya and Club Punta Fuego gave out gift certificates, awarded by Abigail Galguerra the Director of Sales and Marketing, and was received by Ming Asuncion and Ana Liza Daza.

The grand prize was awarded by Mr. Erhan Balaban, the General Manager of Turkish Airlines, and was received by Phil Wheatley.


The event will resume on October 19, at 9:00 am (GMT+8).