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Aston Martin Float 25% of Company’s Share for London Listing

On Wednesday, August 29, Aston Martin, a British car manufacturer, announced its plan to an initial public offering in London.

After Aston Martin successfully increased their sales and the demand for their products had a surprising growth, they have decided to float an estimated total of 25 percent of the company’s shares after announcing that they have plans to list on the London Stock Exchange.

The sports car giant is said to be “looking for a valuation of £5 billion.”

The company is known for producing luxury sports car and grand tourers, but aside from that, they have long been venturing into other industry and products as well. Incorporated with the company’s brand is the infamous James Bond, as the brand has been helping him fight his battles through seven movies- which is great for the promotion of the company.

Aston Martin’s continues development has brought them to what they are today; the consistent growth of the company helped them surpassed the challenges that most of the industries are currently facing- issues in regards of the tariff in Europe.

Critical thinking and a good strategy are the key points that helped the company.

Andy Palmer, CEO of the company said in a statement that even though the company loses a bit of market share in the European Union they were able to bring it back to the United Kingdom. Which in fact worked well considering the result that the company has displayed.