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Baidu Ready to Release Their Own Self Driving Bus

On Wednesday, Baidu, tech giant based in China, has announced that their self-driving bus is ready for production.

Baidu has finished developing a self-driving bus with the help of King Long, Chinese bus manufacturer. They have tested the bus’s capability in one of the municipalities in China.

The production of the said vehicle has started last Wednesday, and over 100 buses have been manufactured and ready to be released.

Replacing the driver’s seat and the steering wheel is a Baidu Apollo autonomous driving system. It is the one that serves as a driver for the bus with its enhanced features like its ability to detect its surrounding like how a normal driver can do on his own. It also has a high-definition map that helps the bus find its current location and desired destination. And passengers do not need to worry about their safety since the bus has the ability to detect any movement from other vehicles and pedestrians.

As of this moment, the bus will be operating in cities within China. The future of the said vehicle remains unclear, but the company is in talk of releasing it to Japan soon.

This new technology is the beginning of a different industry for China. A lot are hopeful that this project will be a success and will soon conquer the world of transportation and artificial intelligence. This event as well marks the start of the company’s journey and success.


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