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Ben Legg was appointed as Managing Director of UK Operations by Ola

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On Monday, Ola, a taxi aggregator, appointed Ben Legg a managing director of their UK-based operations.

Ola, a cab-hailing company, appointed Ben Legg to be the managing director of their operations based in the United Kingdom. The online transportation network company said that they already acquire a license letting them operate in South Wales and Great Manchester.

Ben Legg is the former COO of Google Europe. In a statement by Ola, Legg is the one who will lead and develop the senior leadership team, drive strategy and operations in the UK. Legg will also create a presence all over UK.

Legg started his career in 1999. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Adknowledge Inc., serves at executive levels at Coca-Cola, former Chief Operating Officer at Adknowledge and former British Army Captain. Because of his impressive performance, Legg became the CEO of AdParlor – the biggest and most promising global marketing technology company for two years.

Legg said that he was excited to join Ola. Ola will coordinate with policymakers and regulators in the UK to secure that the goal of Ola is in line with UK’s local market.

Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Ola, said Legg has the experiences in strategy and operations. Bhavish believes that Legg is the best person to develop the transportation business in the UK.

Ola’s services are offered in major cities of Australia including Sydney, Pert, Brisbane, and Melbourne and have 40,000 registered drivers.

Private Hire Vehicles (PVHs) and Black Cabs are some of the services Ola is yet to offer in the UK. The company said that they are the only ride-hailing app to offer these services in one app.

The rivalry between Ola and Uber will continue as Ola entered the UK’s market.

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